What is Crystal Deodorant?

The Crystal deodorant. Nearly everyone has read about it, heard about it, or even knows somebody that is actually using a crystal. How can a rock actually keep a person feeling fresh and odor free all day even in the hottest, most humid time of the year?

Crystal deodorants really do work. They simply kill odor causing bacteria and further inhibit the growth of bacteria as the day wears on. Bacterial growth is the cause of body odor. An invisible barrier of protection keeps you feeling fresh and clean all day long.

Crystal Deodorant

What is It?

A Deodorant Stone or Crystal is made from natural mineral salts which occur in abundance in the earth’s surface. The primary mineral is potassium sulfate. This is a 100% natural product. There are no perfumes (that can clash with colognes), no oils (that stain clothing), no harsh chemicals (that are bad for you and the environment), no emulsifiers (that sticky stuff that clogs your pores), and no propellants (that harm the ozone) added. The mineral salts are refined, crystallized, then hand cut, smoothed and shaped for market. Crystal deodorant is aluminum free deodorant like so many other popular deodorant products on the market. It’s a healthy alternative for the entire family.

How do I use it?

After your morning bath or shower, simply wet the Crystal and rub it under your arms or to other areas that need protection. (Just like you would with a roll-on deodorant). You will enjoy the fresh feeling. The Crystal is not sticky or greasy and does not irritate the skin – stain clothing – or clog up pores. Rinse thoroughly after using. The Crystal will be effective until it completely is used up. Think of it like a bar of soap. The Crystal remains effective regardless of how small it becomes through daily use.

Just how long will a Crystal last?

One Crystal lasts a long time and is much more economical than commercial deodorants. In fact, one Crystal lasts 6 to 12 times as long as a roll-on product. An average 4 oz. Crystal can last one year or more. This is one of the most unique factors about this product. Besides the healthy aspects, it is economical, and environmentally friendly. Think of all the plastic applicators and aerosol cans that one Crystal deodorant can replace and prevent from ending up in landfills.