Promoting local businesses, making it easier for new businessmen and entrepreneurs to enter the community, and providing valuable information about business-related legislation are just some of the reasons why we started our website. We know how important small and local businesses are to our area’s economy. Even though the world has become more intertwined from an economic standpoint, we still believe the heartbeat of any community is their local economy, and local businesses are such a crucial part of our economy. We want to help create conditions where they can thrive, and we hope that our website can provide business owners and prospective entrepreneurs with valuable information.


When we started our site, we never dreamed that it would build up into this massive business community, where local business leaders and other influential figures meet and mingle on a regular basis. But we think that the type of connectedness and camaraderie that is being enjoyed by our local business community is absolutely vital to our short and long-term economic prospects. If we want to remain successful, and if we want to grow even more, we need to encourage dialogue and cooperation between our businesses at an even higher level. And our community site is there to help facilitate these discussions.


Every article on our site is written by someone from within the community. Yes, we are always looking for people who have an expertise in small businesses, or business in general. But we also place a massive emphasis on the location of our writers, as we want our readers to get an authentic view of what is going on in the community. Only those who are currently living in the community, or playing some part in the local economy, are able to properly assess, understand and explain the various issues that are important to us.