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Local Activists Engage in an Anti-Abortion Protest –


Whenever there is an issue that is close to our hearts, we ensure that it gets the publicity and attention that it deserves. And whatever side of the issue you may fall under, it is important that we all recognize the rights of our fellow Americans to protest an issue that is dear to their heart. Over the past few days, we had an anti-abortion protest where hundreds of people took to the streets in order to protest over what they perceive as the murder of children at abortion clinics and by the doctors who perform those procedures.


And even though there is a stereotypical image of protests as being very negative, especially anti-abortion protests, we were impressed by the good natured aspect of the event. Even though anti-abortion protesters are very angry at the continued legality of what they see as murder, they still had the good grace and the decency to go about their protest in a civilized and organized manner. There was no yelling at other people on the street, intimidation of those who were going in for an abortion, or any other untoward behaviors or activities. It was as good natured as a protest could be.


The issue of abortion is probably one of the most hotly contested issues in the United States these days. While the country’s perception of other issues seems to shift with time, their views on abortion seem a lot more certain. Most polls will tell you that around half of Americans believe that abortion should be a legal option for women, while another 50 percent will tell you that it should be illegal. A person’s religious upbringing and affiliation often has a lot to do with what side of the fence they would find themselves on.


Even though American perceptions on abortion are not going to change anytime soon, the laws could be shifting towards those who are in favor of an abortion ban. Many states are starting to implement measures where abortions are banned after a certain period of time. This would ensure that the late-term abortions, which a majority of Americans view negatively, are no longer a possibility in many states. And on a national scale, the appointment of conservative judges to the Supreme Court over the next four to eight years could see a potential shift on abortion rights on a national level. But for now, it appears as though the protests will continue!