Contemporary & Modern Shag Rug

Contemporary shag rugs are top favorite interior home decors all over the world because these are versatile and can provide warmth to a plain looking room instantly. A must-have for living rooms, library rooms, and even bathrooms, contemporary shag rug are stylish especially with attractive color combinations.

Contemporary shag rug may look great in any spot of your home but these rugs perfectly fit the living rooms. This is because of its round shape. If placed in the living room, the round rug, especially if it has an interesting pattern or color scheme, can serve as the room’s focal point. It is perfect to be at the center of the room but should also be near main furniture like a lounge chair or an antique armoire. Make sure that your rug of choice complements with the rest of the room.

Contemporary shag rug can also be great in bathrooms. Because your bathroom floor is usually made of tiles, the rug can keep your feet warm and dry. These contemporary shag rugs are usually not for the purpose of serving as a focal point, the contemporary shag rug for bathrooms are usually less intricate and quite simple.

Contemporary shag rug are mainly used as a home decor. How can you choose the best color combination for these rugs? Here are a few tips on how to choose your rugs based on color schemes.

contemporary shag rug

If you want your rugs to catch attention, then you need to carefully choose a combination of related or complementary colors within the same round rug. You can choose complementary or opposite colors like orange and blue, green with red, and violet against yellow. The key when choosing complementary color pairs is to find a design with one of the opposites as the dominant color or the foreground while the other color as the background.

You can also choose related colors for your contemporary shag rug. For example, you can have the warm colors like red, red-orange, and hints of bright yellow. You can also cool shades of blue with greenish blue highlights.

It is now time to shop for a contemporary shag rug and these items can be found online or in specialty shops. You can also visit flea markets and garage sales for great bargains. In fact, looking for a round rug at a garage sale can be quite fun. After all, interior design experts know that these rugs owned by private owners from garage sale are rarer and may not be available to everyone. So go ahead if you can, you might just find something interesting in the neighborhood’s backyard sale.