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Every website has some sort of message or story to tell. Some websites seem to tell that story better than others because of a stylish design that makes a strong impact. Before writing yourself off as the wrong person for trying to give your site a creative design, follow the steps below to see how you can change your online presence.


A common mistake in the online world is to have a complete smorgasbord of images and brand representations online. We take everything we have from our physical business or company and think it will all work together on the same site.

The operative word is ‘integration’. Integrate your themes with your logos, slogans, brands, colors, and anything else on your site that is used to promote your brand. The goal is to get a unified online brand that is unique and will work to promote your company online.


Is your site one dimensional? People will quickly get bored with a site that has little to offer. They will have no reason or inclination to return. Make your site interactive by adding layers and different forms of interaction.


Many sites are lacking personality and come off as cold and sterile. Incorporate a story into your site and brand. Use some videos and a personal blog. This will help visitors feel they are connecting with a human being instead of an impersonal website.

eCommerce Web Design Toronto


Make sure that your creative eCommerce design works for handheld devices as well. Think beyond desktops and laptops. Simple designs will allow for mobile use and will ensure that your online brand stays the same even on a mobile device.


You need to think even wider than just your site. How would you integrate your site into social media? How would it look? Your different platforms all need to flow into each other seamlessly. In essence, your brand should transcend the different online platforms.

Your Design

Distinguish your brand by using a design that works for all of your online mediums and sends a strong message to your audience and users. The website comes and go, but the popular ones, the ones with staying power, are the brands with a strong creative eCommerce Web Design Toronto.

Establish your online brand. This could very well mean a complete overhaul, but in the long run, this new creative brand will pay dividends. Think simple and try to picture this new brand on your site, social media, posters, and any other type of promotional material. Set your brand apart.