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Best Jewelry Designers

jewelry designers near me

All designers are different. They create jewelry in an endless variety of styles. There are many famous designers which you know and there are many new designers which you don’t know yet. Explore them; and you’ll be surprised by various designs and ideas you find.

Paloma Picasso is a French/Spanish fashion designer and businesswoman. She is the daughter of artists Pablo Picasso. She turned to the field of fashion design and started her own company and brand, such as her eponymous perfume and a line of evening wear. She also designs jewelry for Tiffany & Co. Paloma Picasso is universally acclaimed for her bold jewelry designs. Her sumptuous pieces have a strong and dynamic presence.

David Yurman is internationally recognized as America’s leading jeweler. His signature jewelry line is comprised of “cable” jewelry, made from twisted sterling silver ropes. The ability to fuse art, fashion and understated elegance into a signature design concept makes David Yurman stand out in the world of fine jewelry.

Yossi Harari – born in Israel and raised in both Israel and Turkey. Yossi’s designs, crafted from a variety of metals, are inspired by the spectacular influences of the region from which he comes.

Ippolita – was born and raised in the hills above the Florence, Italy. The unique quality of her jewelry comes from the heart.

Justin Giunta – in his work he is always drawing parallels between art history and modern design to explore themes of fine art and commercial design.

Anna Vronskaya is a new designer based in Bethesda, MD area. Anna’s unique jewelry designs have graced the necks of brides, bride’s maids, and honored guests at formal events. These jewelry will complement your garment exquisitely.

Irina Radzinsky is new in fashion industry. Her designs are light and pretty. You definitely will be noticed and complemented when wearing these necklaces. Irina offers original unique jewelry designed with very rear crochet technique.