Finding a Quality Thousand Oaks Pool Remodeling Contractor

When it comes to remodeling or improving your pool, there are many pool contractors to choose from. You want professionals with years of experience with pool remodeling, replastering, and resurfacing. They should have expertise in all aspects of theThousand Oaks pool remodeling needs to maintain it’s allure. It is important to choose a pool contractor that has great reviews online, and strive to provide the utmost customer satisfaction.

How do you know when to remodel your pool?

There are many ways that your pool’s surface can become compromised or damaged. Whether you have cracks, stains, chipping, or all three, Valley Pool Plaster can take care of all of your crack repair, plastering, and tile installation needs. As experienced contractors from Valley Pool plaster, Eric and his team of pool builders can explain all of your options when it comes to pool plastering.

Whether you want new tile, plaster, or pebble, someone like the Valley Pool Plaster team will be able to assist you with choosing the right material, color, and finish for
your budget. They can also add features like waterfalls and baja steps, and repair or replace skimmers and drains. In addition, we can also chip out and replace concrete as necessary.

The Pool Remodeling Process

Pool plastering and resurfacing can seem like an overwhelming swimming pool remodeling project for your home, but a great business can promise to make it as easy as possible. They can help with designing your new pool to include the features that are important to you. Your pool or spa can look brand new with a pristine pool surface of plaster, tile, or pebble. If you need resurfacing of your Thousand Oaks pool because of a crack, it can often be much more aesthetically pleasing to replaster your entire pool so that there is no obvious patch. If you have more than one crack, it can also sometimes be cheaper, too. Remodeling your pool can add value to your home and take your backyard from good to great.

Pool Maintenance Tips

Once your pool is remodeled and looking great you want to make sure that pool is maintained all year long. You also want it to be ready when it gets hot so caring for your pool in the winter can play a crucial part. The winter can be a harsh time for your pool with rain, snow, ice and debris putting a strain on your pool equipment as well as the pool plaster itself. If you don’t care for your pool during the times you are not using your pool, your pool will not be ready to be used once the temperature heats up.

There are a few things you can do during the winter to keep your pool running smoothly so you can dive right in when things heat up.

For a checklist from the professionals at Valley Pool Plaster of winter pool maintenance tips, take a look at the infographic below.


If repairs are what you need, Valley Pool Plaster services all of Thousand Oaks. We offer repair and installation of equipment like pumps, filters, and remote systems. We repair and install equipment from companies like Jandy, Pentair, and Hayward. We are proficient in both plumbing and electrical repairs for pool equipment. We are also certified installers of variable speed pumps, which may qualify you for an energy rebate and save you $$$ on your electric bill.