How Can Whey Water Help to Improve Health?

How Can Whey water Help to Improve Health?

Whey water is associated with many things, but helping to improve overall health is often over-looked.

Whey water is favoured by athletes and bodybuilders because of its quick, absorbent properties. It is easy for the stomach to digest, entering the blood stream and fuelling your muscles in quick time. It helps them to repair and grow strong and lean whilst training.

But apart from the obvious results that whey water provides for athletes and bodybuilders, how else can it help the everyday individual?

Immune system:

Apart from feeding the muscles, whey water helps increase levels of glutathione in the body. Glutathione is the body’s most abundant antioxidant, and increased levels strengthen your immune system. Whey water is also said to help lower blood pressure in those diagnosed with borderline hypertension.

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Promoting growth and healing:

Because whey water contains essential amino acids, it helps to promote the growth and maintenance of all bodily tissue, from bones, muscles, skin, nails and hair. It can be very beneficial for someone who has just suffered an illness or injury as it can help the body to heal itself and grow strong again.

Aiding weight loss:

A healthy diet and regular exercise can beat those extra pounds, but by including whey water to your healthy diet can help improve results. Many people believe they are consuming enough protein in their diet, but in truth they may not be getting enough. Whey water is the main ingredient for many meal replacement supplements, and so by replacing one or two of your meals with a high protein shake can improve weight loss results.


Researchers have also shown that whey water can help elderly people who have a decreased appetite and as a result aren’t getting a sufficient amount of protein. By adding whey water to their diet can slow down muscle loss in their body. This can be in the form of drinks, tablets, or even something that you sprinkle and add to their food.