How Do Outdoor LED Displays Respond To Harsh Environments?

As an outdoor advertising LED display, its use environment requires much higher than the ordinary display. In the process of using outdoor LED cabinets, due to the different environments, they are often affected by severe weather such as high temperatures, typhoons, heavy rain, thunder and lightning. What precautions should we take to ensure that the display is safe in bad weather?

High Temperature

Outdoor LED displays usually have a large area, consume large amounts of LED power distribution box during application, and emit large amounts of heat. In addition, the external temperature is high. If the heat dissipation problem cannot be solved in time, it may cause a short circuit in the circuit board. And other issues. In production, to ensure that the display circuit board is in good condition, try to choose a hollow design when designing the shell to help heat dissipation. During installation, it is necessary to adhere to the condition of the device and keep the display screen in good ventilation condition. If necessary, add heat dissipation equipment to the display screen, like installing an air conditioner or fan inside to help the display screen to dissipate heat.

Typhoon Protection

Outdoor LED displays have different installation positions and installation methods, such as wall-mounted, inlaid, column-mounted, and suspended. Then in the typhoon season, in order to prevent the screen body of the outdoor LED display from falling, there is a strict LED requirement on the load-bearing steel frame structure of the display. The engineering unit must design and install in strict accordance with the standard of typhoon resistance, and at the same time have a certain ability to resist earthquakes to ensure that outdoor LED display screens will not fall and cause injuries and death.


There are many rainy weather in the south, so the LED Sending box itself must have a high level of waterproof protection so as not to suffer from rain erosion. In outdoor use environment, the outdoor LED display must reach IP65 protection level, the module must be encapsulated with plastic, choose a waterproof box, and use a waterproof rubber ring to connect the module and the box.

Lightning Protection

  • Direct lightning protection: If the outdoor NovaPro HD screen is not within the direct lightning protection range of nearby tall buildings, a lightning rod needs to be installed on or near the top of the steel structure of the display;
  • Induction lightning protection: The outdoor LED power supply system is 1-2 level power supply lightning protection, signal line is equipped with signal lightning protection device, while the computer room power supply system is level 3 lightning protection, and the signal end is installed in the equipment room Signal lightning arrester.
  • All LED display lines (power supply and signal) should be laid in shielded ground;
  • The outdoor LED card China front-end and the equipment room grounding system should meet the system requirements. Generally, the front-end grounding resistance should be less than or equal to 4 ohms, and the equipment room grounding resistance should be less than or equal to 1 ohm.

Take the above several protective measures, no matter how harsh the environment, the outdoor LED display can also run safety and safely.