Important Items For The Campground Store

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A campground store is a place where campers can come to ask questions, get directions, and pick up those vital items they may have forgotten. We are providing good campground reservation software. For many campers, the store at the campground can make or break a trip! Saving on doing extra trips to Walmart or Camping World by just walking to the park grounds store means more time you can spend relaxing and enjoying your vacation.

CampFire Supplies

Camping is not near as much fun when you don’t have a fire to enjoy. We think it’s so important we made a guide that walks you through how to make the perfect campfire.

Important campfire supplies your store should include:

  • Firewood – Having it pre-cut and bagged makes it really easy to sell to people staying at the park. A lot of campground stores require campers to NOT bring in firewood to avoid bringing in parasites or pests that can hurt the ecosystem.
  • Fire Starters – Fire starters should be easy to find in any campground store. This pairs extremely well with selling people the firewood at the store.
  • S’mores – what do you need to make them? You are going to need marshmallows that you can toast, graham crackers, and some chocolate bars. You can sell each item individually or try to bundle them all together.

Local Information

When campers enter a park store,  they are looking to ask about the different activities that are being held in the park and locally in the area like where to eat.

Including local maps and calendars will be a big help to visitors who are not familiar with the area.  The calendar can show what events are going on in the campground during their stay and also in the local area like festivals, concerts, and events.

Many of the campground stores that I have dealt with in the past have had a full list of activities that you can be a part of which can include, but are not limited to:

  • Local movie theaters
  • Local restaurants
  • Local shops & tourist attractions
  • Events & activities in and out of the park

Plumbing Supplies

For those who are camping in an RV, they have to handle and deal with all of the plumbing issues that may arise. Having the right supplies to handle these emergencies can save your campers from a literal “crappy” time.

Important plumbing supplies your store should include:

  • RV Rated Toilet Paper – You may be surprised how many people do not know that they need the proper kind of toilet paper for RVers. Also, it only takes someone getting a cold and literally blowing through their toilet paper faster than they expect. Make sure to keep a good amount of toilet paper available for your campers.
  • Holding Tank Chemicals  – When a RVer cleans their RV holding tank, they often include chemicals to help break down waste and help control the smell from stinking up the trailer.
  • Sewer Hoses – Since sewer hoses are exposed out in the elements for years at a time they can break down over time. Also, someone who just purchased a new rig may not realize they needed to buy the sewer hose to go with it.
  • Sewer Hose Extensions – Nothing worse than getting your rig all set up perfect and finding out that the sewer hose doesn’t reach the septic tank. They can either re-setup everything again or come down to the camp store and buy an extension. Oftentimes it’s easier just to buy the extension.
  • Water Pressure Regulators –  Campground water pressure can vary wildly and if it is not controlled by a regulator can actually cause a lot of damage to a trailer’s pipes. Carrying a water pressure regulator at the store can help you prevent this from happening for your campers.


Oftentimes these big rigs are a home away from home. Meaning they have all the comforts that take a lot of energy like air conditioners, refrigerators, televisions, etc. To make sure they keep their rigs safe from surges and maintaining power you should carry some of the following products.

Important electrical supplies your store should include:

  • Surge Protectors – This is one of those vital products to protect an RV. These devices are meant to indicate whether something has been wired improperly and of course, prevent electrical surges from destroying all the electrical components of the RV.
  • Power Converters – If you only have a 30 amp setup at your camping site and a 50 amp power cord, then you are going to want to have a cord adapter that will allow you to get the power that you need without risking your appliances. This is typically going to be a small cord or dongle that is 12 to 18 inches long that will allow a 50amp plug to fit in the 30amp connection.
  • Power Extension Cords – Similar to the sewer hose extension,  in the event that a camper needs additional length to reach the power tower, having a power extension cord can be an easy upsell to campers.

Odds and Ends

Lastly, for campers, there are always going to be things that they forget at home that should be included in the campground store. These can include snacks, batteries, laundry soap, and even more.

Important common supplies your store should include:

  • Leveling Blocks – These are smaller devices that are typically used to keep a camper even when it is positioned on uneven ground. They are designed to be driven upon so that the RV seems level, which will keep you happy as well.
  • Wheel Chocks– If you have parked your RV on uneven ground, then these types of wheel chocks are designed to keep your RV from rolling while you are inside of it.
  • Duct Tape – If something breaks, duct tape will hold it together until you are done camping.
  • Batteries – If you need batteries to run something, there are going to be both AA and AAA batteries in the campground store that you should consider.
  • Clothes Pins – If you are going to go swimming during your camping trip, then you are going to need to have more than a few of these lying around so that you can easily dry your swimming gear without an issue.
  • Laundry Detergent – If you are going to do laundry when you are away, you are going to need to purchase these items that are available at the campground store. There may not be the best option when it comes to brands, but there are other options that will clean your clothes with ease.

Final Thoughts

As you are looking to set up your campground store, start with the items your customers ask for the most and then you can slowly expand it as your campers request more and more items.

If you need help managing your reservations or posting reviews on your website we at RoverPass can help.