Places to look for On-site Caravans for Sale on the Central Coast

On-site Caravans for Sale

Are you living in Sydney and looking for an affordable holiday home but don’t have the money for a $800k investment? On-site Caravans for Sale can offer the same beach weekender experience for a lot lower price. Investment properties were all the rage for the past 20 years but now with the capital gains tax discount potentially being removed and banks no longer willing to provide interest only loans, jumping into an investment property is not as attractive anymore. City people still need a place to get away and unwind with their families and Onsite Caravans are a fantastic alternative. There are On-site Caravans for Sale in many Caravan Parks all along the coast of Australia and offer a great gateway for the family.

Onsite Caravans are Caravans that are permanently located in Caravan Parks, they are based there year round and they are individually owned by different families. When looking at an On-site Caravans for Sale you need to remember that you are buying the van itself and not the land. The land remains in the ownership of Caravan Park and if the Park decides to redevelop then you will need to remove your van. Many families however enjoy years of family fun and enjoyment with an Onsite Caravan without any dramatic Park Management changes.

If you live in Sydney and are looking at Onsite Caravans for Sale in New South Wales then consider a location that is within 2-3 hours’ drive. As you will pay yearly land rental fees of up to $5k you will need to make sure that you are utilising the van as much as possible throughout the year. The best choice for a Sydneysider is to look at locations such as the Central Coast (1.5hrs north of Sydney) and 2-3 hrs south of Sydney. Lets concentrate on the Central Coast for this article.

On the New South Wales Central Coast there are Onsite Caravans for Sale in Umina Beach, Terrigal Beach and the north end with places like Shelly Beach and Wyong. The Central Coast is spoilt with many beach locations, you just need to find a Caravan Park that has an On-site Caravans for Sale.

Umina Beach

On-site Caravans for Sale

Onsite Caravans for Sale in Umina Beach are growing in popularity as they are the closest beach area to Sydney. People can even access Umina via the train line from Sydney getting off at Woy Woy station. Previously Umina was a low income area but with the expansion of Sydney, many Sydneysiders are looking to live outside of Sydney and commute in each day and Umina/Woy Woy has grown in popularity. For a weekend holiday Umina Beach is perfect for families as the beach has calm water with only very small waves. The beach is patrolled from the start of the school holidays in September till the end of school holidays in April. On weekends there is also a great local beach market to explore.

Shelly Beach

Located at the top end of the Central Coast, Shelly Beach has Caravan Parks with Onsite Caravans for Sale. One Caravan Park is Shelly Beach Holiday Park which has a number of permanent sites that can be purchased by individual owners. Shelly Beach offers another quiet beach perfect for families, there are bbq areas, picnic tables and a children’s playground. Fishing is also a great activity that is popular in the area. There are places where you can rent a basic fishing boat. The beauty of considering an On-site Caravans for Sale is you may have the chance to store your own fishing boat next to your Onsite Caravan. Then on weekends you can come to visit without the need to tow both Caravan and boat to enjoy your weekend break.

If you are living in Sydney and considering Onsite Caravans for Sale in New South Wales then I highly recommend to start your search on the Central Coast, it’s a great place for family activities in the great outdoors.


Julian Rembrandt has spent the last 10 years in the hotel industry across Australia and Asia. Permanent Onsite Caravans have been around for many decades but the knowledge about how to make the right purchase decision has been limited. Julian helps to educate people on the best ways to go about owning an Onsite Caravan. Julian Rembrandt owns and operates, a listing site for Onsite Caravan for Sale.