Questions to Ask When Choosing an Online Ticketing Service

If you’re researching an online ticketing service you probably have a lot of questions. Here is a quick checklist to help answer some of your top questions!

1. Q. Is the service affordable? A. the XL center tickets online system pricing can start at .25 a ticket and will go down from there based on your volume. (A six month commitment is required to get this pricing) You simply pass this fee on to your patrons in your ticket price or add on a processing or service fee that you control.

2. Q. Does the system offer a wide variety of delivery options that includes a customizable, print-at-home ticketing option? A. Yes.

3. Q. Can you easily manage sponsorships on your event store and print-at-home tickets? A. Yes.

4. Q. Can the ticketing service handle reserved seating, general admission or a combination of both? A. Yes.

5. Q. Can you manage your venue from initial sign-up, to building out your venue seating chart & seats, to scheduling your event sale dates, down to extensive reporting? A. Yes.

xl center tickets online
xl center tickets online

6. Q. Can you put tickets “On Hold” for media or comps and then set a release date for them to be made available to the public? A. Yes.

7 .Q. Can you easily discount shows, sections and individual seats? A. Yes.

8. Q. Can your ticketing store be customized to look like your venue website? A. Yes.

9.  Q. Is the public and backend user interface classy and intuitive for you and your patrons? A. Yes.

10.Q. Can you offer season ticket packages of different types? A. Yes. We’ll even consider developing a custom package if needed.

11. Q. Can you accept donations at your venue and customize the text that appears? A. Yes.

12. Q. Can you easily integrate your own merchant account and retain control of your money? Can you use Paypal or offer multiple forms of payment and shipping? A. Yes.

13. Q. Can you sell walk-up sales through this system, process credit cards through the system or sell cash sales? A. Yes.

14. Q. Is the system integrated with a robust email marketing system to collect patron information and email addresses? A. Yes.

15. Q. Can the patron establish an account in the system and see their past purchases, etc.? A. Yes.

16. Q. Is the system hosted in a world class datacenter and monitored 24/7 by professionals, backed up nightly, and secure? A. Yes.

17. Q. Can you manage multiple venues and thousands of shows within one account? A. Yes.

18.Q. Does the system offer robust reporting and exporting of the data? A. Yes.

19. Q. Will the company offer to print and mail tickets to your patrons? A. Yes.

20. Q. Will the system easily integrate with a ticket printer so we can print our own tickets? A. Yes.

21. Q. Will your service wash my car, brush my dog and play with my children? A. Not currently but we’re always looking for ways to improve our service!