Top 5 Print Marketing Materials To Promote Your Business in 2019

Let’s make one thing clear–print is not dead.

Even in today’s digital age, where anything and everything can be accessed via our mobile phones, there’s still a lot of merit and value that goes into printed materials as means of promoting your business and engaging with customers.

Calgary Economy Printers, offers a wide range of printing services for marketing materials that you can use for your small business. We’ve also rounded up the top 5 printed marketing and promotional materials that you should have to push your Calgary business and get directly in touch with your target market.

5 Easy Ways To Promote Your Business in 2019 With Bonus Tips

  • Business Cards – These classic promotional materials still pack in a whole lot of punch. Not only do business cards provide a good first impression, but they also have the greatest longevity when it comes to customers keeping and storing it for future reference and use. This proves to be very useful, especially in creating a mental and visual link for customers upon handing over the business card as well–so make sure that you’re creating the right impact with its design and quality!
    • Bonus Tip: Want to make your Calgary business card more functional? Why not double it up as a special promo or discount card, or perhaps even a loyalty and rewards card? With that, your clients would surely want to keep your card stored inside their wallets to use it up whenever they need business cards in Calgary.
  • Brochures & Flyers – Even if all the information your customers need is made available on your website, it’s still effective to have Calgary brochures and flyers on-hand to remind them of special promotions or as a form of introducing your business and what it’s all about. It’s through these business brochures that you give more condensed and succinct information that would be beneficial for your target customers.
    • Bonus Tip: Make sure to put these brochures and flyers on display at the counter of your Calgary business space. Also, make it more eye-catching by adding in some related graphics and present only the most relevant information in a clear and concise manner without being too over-flooded with words.
  • Posters – Posters and banners are still important, especially for your physical store. Let’s face it, not everyone would go to your site, read through a brochure, or even enter your business space in the first place. What you need to grab the attention of prospective clients are these posters and banners that have the very best offers you have or special announcements you want your customers to know at first glance.
    • Bonus Tip: As with your other printed materials, make sure to be very strategic with your custom poster printing or banners. If you’re using it to promote a special offer, also add in a call to action or include your Calgary business’ contact information (e.g. phone number, website, email address, etc) to make it easier for existing and would-be clients to know how to avail of the promo right away.
  • Letterheads & Envelopes – Make it personal! Branded letterheads and envelopes provide a nice touch when sent or handed over to customers. You can use this particularly for direct mail campaigns, invoices, thank you notes, gift cards, and other forms of mail correspondence. As a giveaway treat for your customers, you can even hand out branded notepads for their daily use as well!
    • Bonus Tip: Make sure to invest in high quality envelope printing and letterheads to add more credibility and a sense of professionalism for your Calgary business. This makes for a wonderful first impression, especially for direct mail campaigns, giving you a higher chance that the customers would actually open and read through it.
  • Postcards – In addition to letterheads and envelopes, you can also utilize postcard printing services for special direct mail campaigns to customers. Perfect use for these are during holidays or sale season, where you could remind them to avail of limited offers and discounts. You could also send out postcards for thank you notes and special greetings, especially for your VIP or loyal clientele.
    • Bonus Tip: You could also double up the use of these postcards as your customers’ ticket to claim a special offer, especially during the holiday season. It’s one way of making them feel extra special and important, which would work well for your customer loyalty and engagement

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