What Do I Need To Move First When Moving House?

Your Moving House Checklist

Changing address can be time-consuming. There are lots of things to consider and being human, we can be forgetful. That’s why we have pulled together the ultimate moving house checklist to help you change your address in peace.

If you’re looking to do a passport change of address, DVLA change of address or just change your address online in general – we’ve got you covered in this article.

So let’s get started!

Moving House? Now Get Yourself Organised

Moving House Checklist

Organisation is the key to moving house efficiently. Whether you’re buying a property, taking out a mortgage, renting or moving in with your parents you need to get a timeline established. Step 1 is keeping in good communication with everyone and establish your ‘move in’ and ‘move out’ date.

Organise Your Home Move

Once you’ve got at least a rough understanding of when you are moving house, you can start to get items organised. We would recommend you process it in something like the following order:

(a) Do a Massive Spring Clean: Go through your home, room to room and get be brutal. You’re moving house and it’s the perfect opportunity to get rid of the stuff you no longer use. If you haven’t used it in the past 6 months, throw it away.

(b) Start Packing Early: The earlier you start packing, the easier life will be when you’re moving. We would recommend that when you’re spring cleaning, pack anything you don’t need in the next month. Also, when you’re packing, be sure to label the room each item is destined for. There’s nothing worse than moving home and having to figure-out where each box needs to go!

(c) Book the Essentials: If you need to organise anything with companies with your move, be sure to make that one of the first things to cross off your to-do list. Consider; Van hire, box storage, day care, pet day care etc… Thanks to this moving house checklist, you hopefully won’t miss an item!

Change Your Address Online

Now you need to inform your companies that you’re changing address. SlothMove’s Online Change of Address Service makes this possible to do online. It actually be completed within 5 minutes.

Simply enter your information, select which companies or institutions you wish to inform that you are moving house, and SlothMove will take care of the rest. We’ll inform this companies that you’re moving home on your behalf – and save you about 5 hours of time in the process.

If you want to change address with the DVLA, change address with your council or do a passport change of address we’ve also pulled together step-by-step guides for you. For everything else, you can use our online change of address form.

Set Up Your New House

Step 4/5 of our moving house checklist is getting everything set-up. Work through the below list, crossing them off as you go!

  • Internet
  • TV
  • Homecare (plumbing, electrical, boiler care etc…)
  • Water
  • Home Insurance
  • Gas & Electricity

The Small Things When Moving House

The last to-do on our moving house checklist is making sure that you cross all of the below off the list. These can be the ones that are really easy to forget about, but can be quite important!

  • Find a new dentist
  • Find a new doctor
  • Apply for a parking permit
  • Order bins at your new place
  • Submit meter readings for your gas, electricity and water supply
  • Settle your bills with all of your companies
  • Tell your friends and family that you’re changing address
  • Prepare the essentials for the week of your move (kettle, tea bags, loo roll etc…(

Now You’re Ready To Move House

Congratulations! Now that you have completed our moving house checklist you know everything you need to do to move house successfully and stress-free.

People often say moving house can be really stressful, but we don’t believe that to be the case. A moving house checklist won’t change your life but it should hopefully make things a little easier. Whether you’re trying to update your V5 document online, trying to update your address online or just need tips, we’ve got you covered.