The Best Barrel Saunas for Your Backyard

The Best Barrel Saunas of 2022 | Audacia Decor Inc

You’d be able to relive the relaxing, therapeutic experience of saunas if you’ve ever been. Barrel saunas can be a unique way to bring a little bit of character to your backyard.

Barrel saunas are cleverly designed from a structural perspective. You can have an indoor barrel sauna. Many barrel saunas can be used indoors or outdoors.

Barrels saunas can be used indoors or outdoors. It is a beautiful fixture that will beautify your yard and also has many health benefits. These are a great way to relax after a long day at work. Our best Barrel Saunas can also be used for weight loss and skin benefits.

In the following list, we describe the 3 Best Indoor and Outdoor Barrel Saunas:

Thermory Barrel Saunas

Thermory is a new brand in the barrel sauna space. Traditionally, Thermory is most commonly known as a treated wood manufacturer who is known for their amazing wood. As of recent, they have transitioned into the Barrel Sauna business and have created in our opinion, the top barrel saunas on the market.

Thermory also offers the largest range of heater options – with electric, wood burning, and steam all available. These are priced at a premium and based on what you get, very rightfully so. Thermory also backs their saunas with a lifetime warranty.

Key Facts

  • Wood Type: Nordic Spruce, Thermo Treated.
  • Sizes: 4 Person or 6 Person.
  • Heater Options: Electric, Wood, or Steam.
  • Warranty: Limited Lifetime.
  • Ease of Set Up: Moderate – 4-6 Hours.
  • Cost: Premium price.
  • Aesthetic/Look: Exceptional – both of the 4 and 6 person options have the availability of a full back window.

Dundalk Barrel Saunas

The Dundalk manufacturing facility is in Canada. They source all of their wood directly from these northern cousins, which means they have some of the top quality cedar wood on the planet available for their indoor saunas. Dundalk makes all of their saunas custom and built to order. While this helps to save some cost, it also means they have longer lead times, which is one drawback of these saunas.

However, if you do not mind a longer wait time in order to save some cost, we would recommend checking out Dundalk saunas! Dundalk also offers saunas in a variety of sizes with both electric and wood based heater options. All Dundalk saunas come with a three year warranty.

Key Facts

  • Wood Type: White Cedar
  • Sizes: 3, 4, or 6 person.
  • Heater Options: Electric or wood burning.
  • Warranty: 3 years.
  • Ease of Set Up: Moderate – 4-6 Hours.
  • Cost: cost effective.
  • Aesthetic/Look: Great. No window options which makes it a little bit sub-par compared to the Thermory sauna, but still an amazing looking sauna.

Almost Heaven Barrel Saunas

3 Best Barrel Saunas | Audacia Decor Inc

Almost Heaven has the largest barrel sauna collection out of any manufacturer, and they offer plenty of different options in terms of sizing, customization options, woods, and price points. There is truly an Almost Heaven sauna for any customer. This considered, many of their home saunas use Hemlock Fir wood, and they likely do not have the superior quality as some of the options higher up on the list.

 Key Facts

  • Wood Type: Hemlock, Cedar, or Spruce.
  • Sizes: 2 person – 6 person.
  • Heater Options: Electric or wood burning.
  • Warranty: Limited lifetime on saunas, 5 years on heaters.
  • Ease of Set Up: great – likely the easiest to set up.
  • Cost: moderate – depending on the unit.
  • Aesthetic/Look: Great. Lots of cool options such as LED lighting and the option to add on a window – but you will pay extra.

In The End

All options on our top 3 list are great options, and what is #1 for you will depend on your budget, sauna size and heater preferences, and personal aesthetic taste.

If you have any questions about barrel saunas, or if we can help make your barrel sauna buying decision any easier, you can reach out to a member of our product expert team at 844-793-0403 any time, or also email us at We would love to help you out!