Things to Know Before Hiring a Legal Translation Services in Sharjah

Things to Know Before Hiring a Legal Translation Services in Sharjah

After UAE and Dubai, legal translation services in Sharjah are the third most economically developed city in the UAE. With a population of over one million, Sharjah is also the third most heavily populated city in UAE. Moreover, this city of industry and culture is a metropolitan city which means that people of different nationalities reside in it. 

However, it is very important to make the right selection of the translation company you choose to work with. To avoid any problems in the future, it is important to do your research about choosing the best legal translation service. This article will guide you step by step in making the correct choice when it comes to selecting a legal translation service.

Every year people from all over the world come to Sharjah because of the high economic status it enjoys. Although this brings great cultural and economic growth to the city, allowing it to contribute 7.4% of the UAE’s GDP, it also creates language barriers. 

This is because the local language of Sharjah is Arabic, whereas foreign people coming to Sharjah from other parts of the world are fluent in either English or some other native language. This especially creates hurdles when foreign people plan to establish companies in Sharjah. 

How to choose the best Legal Translation services in Sharjah

There are several legal documents involved while setting up a business or for some other official affair that needs to be translated from a foreign language into Arabic. To solve this language issue, we have companies that provide Legal Translation Sharjah services.

How to choose the best Legal Translation Sharjah service


Perhaps the best way to determine the credibility of a translation company is by doing a background check on it. The longer the translation company is in a market, the more professional it will be and the more experienced they will be in their work and hence the more able they will be in providing you with the best translation services. 

Therefore, make sure that when you invest in a translation company, look for a well-reputed one instead of an alien translation company. Moreover, amongst the well-reputed translation companies, read the reviews and opt for the one that suits your demands best. There are translation companies that have their expertise in medical translation, legal translation, etcetera.  So make sure you invest in the one which has the best reviews about their legal translation services.

Another important factor to consider while investing in the services of legal translation Sharjah is to consider the type of documents you want to get translated. The legal translation covers a wide range of documents, so if you want to translate, for example, some migration documents focus on investing in a translation company that deals with such kinds of legal documents.

Some ways to perform a background check on a translation company to determine their reputability is by checking out their website, reading reviews by the customers online, and asking around.

Workforce and crew

The staff of a translation company plays a key role in the caliber of the services they provide. Make sure you conduct proper research on the translators of the translation company you are opting for. Legal translation is perhaps one of the most difficult types of translation. It requires not only linguistic capabilities but also requires the translator to have an in-depth knowledge of the legal matters and have a brief understanding of the legislature. 

A good way to have an idea about the capabilities of the translators of a legal translation company is by familiarizing yourself with their hiring criteria. The translators should have the following qualities

  1. Well experienced – this means that the translators should have considerable past experience with legal translations. They should be well familiarized with all the legal terms, case proceedings, legal codes, and legal systems of Sharjah.
  2. Certified – all the translators of the legal translation company should have an official license issued by the government and have the authority to certify documents.
  3. Well aware; the translators should be specialized in their field of work and resourceful. They should have the contacts and resources needed for legal translation, such as legal dictionaries, databases of legislation and certain legal software etcetera
  4. Responsible; this is again a very key quality your legal translator should have. Legal translation always comes with deadlines and short notices, so having a legal translator that is reliable will help you in a long way
  5. In particular – having a detail-oriented legal translator is very important for your translations to come out accurate. In legal translation, even a misplaced comma can change the context of the entire content. So make sure you invest in a legal translator that pays attention to the details.

Value for money

How to choose the best Legal Translation Sharjah service

Value of money is a quality that should be considered when you are investing in anything, and the same is the case for legal translation services. Make sure you invest in a legal translation service that doesn’t rob you of your entire budget. At the same time, don’t go too tight on the pocket as that might result in you investing in a cheap legal translation service that might prove to be problematic for you in the future. 

Use the internet and research the different legal translation services in Sharjah learn about their services and costs and then decide on the one which suits your demands and your budget the best.

Time Management

When it comes to legal translation, time management is extremely important. This is because legal documents always need to be translated in a certain period of time, as decided by the court. If you invest in a legal translation company that cannot keep up with deadlines, you might have to face some serious consequences as decided by the court. 

Therefore consider a company that deals with Legal Translation Sharjah, which is very particular about their time management as that will save you from a lot of trouble and stress in the future. Moreover, also consider the fact that sometimes legal documents need to get translated on an urgent basis, so make sure you hire a translation company that is capable of handling such scenarios.